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Reception to mark gift of sculpture

sculptureThe following is an extract from a talk which was given by Rob Foxcroft, Chair of the Peter Darrell Trust, at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery on 31st March 2023. The reception was given by the Peter Darrell Trust to mark the trust’s gift to the gallery of a bronze sculpture of Peter Darrell by artist Alison Murray Wells.

"Well, here he is! What a beautiful work Alison Murray Wells has made! When we look at this bronze head, I’m sure that each of us is washed over by a flood of memories.

"Alison never met Peter Darrell. She looked at video and film. She studied photographs, in particular the many-sided images which Alan Crumlish very generously made available, images which catch Peter’s wisdom and playfulness with warmth and humour, sparkle, insight and love. I hope you’ll agree that Alison has caught Peter’s look and character with uncanny and touching intuition.

"The trustees of the Peter Darrell Trust are thrilled and delighted that the Scottish National Portrait Gallery has agreed to give a home in this glorious collection to Alison’s fine bronze. It’s just grand to know that Peter will always be here, where future generations can come and meet him. Here he now belongs, with other great figures in Scottish life".

Image: Alan Crumlish

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