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Duets photoAs part of the Edinburgh International Festival '13 Scottish Ballet presents Dance Odysseys at Edinburgh Festival Theatre and the programme 'Duets' take place on Saturday 17 August at 5pm and Sunday 18 August at 12noon. Stage Studio Tickets are £12 and are available here.

'Duets' - relationships come into focus in extracts from the canon of Scottish Ballet's Founding Artistic Director Peter Darrell, and new collaborators James Cousins and Helen Pickett.

Duets photoDarrell's poignant 'Five Ruckert Songs' embodies the feelings in Friedrich Ruckert's peotry on love, loss and loneliness with lingering steps and sweeping choreography. Peter's 'Cheri' is based closely on the famous novel by Colette, and traces the tragic love affair between Lea and her young lover Cheri.

You can find out more information here.


First two images: photography by Alan Peebles. Dancers shown are Claire Robertson and Owen Thorne.

Ruckert performance imageThird image: photography by Alan Crumlish. Elaine McDonald in Peter Darrell’s Five Ruckert Songs.


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Rob Foxcroft on October 15 2013 at 23:29

"If you love me for love's sake,
Yes, then love me.
Love me always,
As I love you always, forever."

This miraculous work brings together haunting poetry, glorious music, poignant choreography, and something that is beyond all those, which makes it one of those eternal works beyond time and locality.

If only one of Peter's ballets were to live and be handed down, this would surely have to be the one. We must do our best for it.

Here are the essence of desire and the essence of loss. It is a ballet of great and luminous humanity.

And in the movement of the steps is recorded the intimate relationship between a choreographer of extraordinary strength and vulnerability and the dancer who was his muse, a dancer who had a peculiar ability to convey the deepest feelings with great exactness through the accuracy and focus of clearly imagined gesture and the unbroken flow of movement on stage.

A deep bow to them both...