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A journey down memory lane

The showing of Peter's films at this years Glasgow Film Festival were very well received and for many who attended a very enjoyable journey down memory lane.

Prior to the screenings Hazel Merry who on Friday 15 February introduced 'One Cool Cat' and 'Houseparty' in both productions Hazel had danced the lead role. On Tuesday 19 February it was Oliver Simons turn to give the introduction to 'One Cool Cat' and 'Mods and Rockers' as he too had danced the lead role in both productions.

Listening to Hazel and Oliver who gave a most interesting insight into Peters creative talent as they had been part of the Western Theatre Ballet Company based in Bristol in the early 1960's, the Company Peter created and directed along with Elizabeth West.

They talked about the early touring days in the UK and Scotland in particular especially the extremely limited performing spaces in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland at that time.

However most interesting of all was listening to them talk about the challenges they experienced as dancers being part of the making of these productions for film and television.

Oliver Symons and Elly Taylor
Elly Taylor and Allan Hunter
Hazel Merry
Hazel Merry
Oliver Symons and Cathy Evers
Oliver Symons
Oliver Symons and Angela Petrie

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