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La Vida

7th May 1970, London Festival Ballet, Gran Teatro de Liceo, Barcelona

Composer: Daniel Auber (Overture - The Bronze Horse )
Casting: Alain Dubreuil, Dagmar Kessler, Margot Miklosy (Dubreuil replacing John Gilpin for whom the role was created)


13th July 1970, Scottish Theatre Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London

In the ballet the aged Herodias meditates on her past life and re-lives the events by which she has achieved power. Peter Darrell introduced the human voice into his Herodias with the dancers speaking Mallarme's poem. The role of Salome was always performed by a male dancer.

Composer: Paul Hindemith (Herodiade)
Poem: Herodiade - Stephane Mallarme
Designer: Peter Docherty
Production consultant: Vincent Guy
Casting: Gordon Aitken, Brian Burn, Nicholas Carroll, Caroline Douglas, Terence James, Elaine McDonald, Paul Rayner, Patricia Rianne, Kenn Wells

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Four Portraits

1st February 1971, Scottish Theatre Ballet, McLaren High School, Callander

This ballet was inspired by Agnes Varda 's film Le Bonheur. Bernard falls in love with Philip's wife Charlotte. His wife, Esme, is found drowned - was it suicide or an accident?

Composer: Serge Prokofiev
Designer: Peter Docherty
Casting: Brian Burn, Peter Connell, Hilary Debden, Elaine McDonald


30th March 1971, Scottish Theatre Ballet, His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

Darrell directed an unusually logical treatment of the drama and adapted the traditional choreography to fit a score that excluded all the added passages not by Adam. The dramatic qualities were intensified by setting it against a background of medieval superstition.

Composer: Adolphe Adam, arranged by Humphrey Searle
Scenario: Theophile Gautier, Vernoy de Saint Georges, Jean Coralli
Choreography: Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, reproduced by Joyce Graeme
Production: Peter Darrell
Designer: Peter Cazalet
Lighting: John B Read
Guest artist: Joyce Graeme
Casting: Elaine McDonald, Brian Burn, Patricia Rianne with Gordon Aitken, Michael Beare, Sally Collard-Gentle, Hilary Debden, Caroline Douglas, Terence James, Ashley Killar and dancers of Scottish Theatre Ballet

Garden Party

22nd June 1971, Coliseum Theatre, London

Part of a Charity Gala to raise funds to prevent a Titian painting from being sold overseas.

Composer: J S Bach, chosen by Diaghilev, Benois and Nijinsky in 1913, orchestrated by Richard Stoker. Dame Margot Fonteyn's solo played by Christopher Hogwood on a mother-of-pearl harpsichord.

The ballet was preceded by an introduction in the form of a Magic Lantern Show.

Scenario: Richard Buckle
Decor: Andy Warhol
Costumes: Richard Buckle
Casting: Margot Fonteyn and Christine Aitken, Graham Bart, Kama Dev, Shirley Grahame, Hugh Halliday, Terry Hayworth, Sally Inkin, Donald Kirkpatrick, Jeanetta Lawrence, Peter O'Brien, Andre Prokovsky, Galina Samsova, Wayne Sleep, Helen Starr


17th November 1971, original commission by Galina Samsova, Artistic Director, New London Ballet. Trieste; 16th September 1976, The Scottish Ballet; 19th June 1978, Irish National Ballet; 1978 Malmö Ballet; 1982 Athens; 7th October 1985, London City Ballet; 1990 Cisne Negro Compania de Dança, Brazil; 23rd March 1993, NAPAC, Durban; 29th January 2010 Sarasota Ballet


Darrell has taken Shakespeare's classic tragedy and conceived a powerful and dramatic one-act ballet.

Composer: Franz Liszt (A Faust Symphony: 1st Movement)
Designer: Peter Farmer (New London Ballet, The Scottish Ballet); Patrick Murray (Irish National Ballet) Abelado Gonzales (Malmö Ballet); Peter Cazalet (NAPAC); Sarasota Ballet
Decor: Murilo Sola,
Costumes: Murilo Sola, Arlene Leao (Cisne Negro Compania de Danca)
Casting: Galina Samsova, Andre Prokovsky with John Fletcher, Jorge Salavisa, Helen Starr (New London Ballet); Andrea Durant, Graham Bart with Simon Laing, Patricia Merrin, Nigel Spencer (The Scottish Ballet)

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The tales of hoffmanThe Tales of Hoffmann

6th April 1972, Scottish Theatre Ballet King's Theatre, Edinburgh; 2nd April 1988 restaged Theatre Royal, Glasgow; 12th July 1973, American Ballet Theatre, New York (with Jonas Kage as Hoffmann and Cynthia Gregory as all three heroines); 5th October 1981, Ballet of the National Theatre, Belgrade; 29th October 1981, Ballet of the National Theatre, Prague; 20th October 1983, The Australian Ballet, Melbourne; 1988 Asami Maki Company, Tokyo; 1991 Hong Kong Ballet; 30th October 2015 National Ballet of Japan, Tokyo

Adapted from Offenbach's popular opera, the tales which span Hoffmann's life from youth to old age tell of his four loves: for a life-like doll, a ballerina, an alluring courtesan and an opera singer.

Composer: Jacques Offenbach, arranged by John Lanchbery
Scenario: Peter Darrell from stories by ETA Hoffmann.
Designer: Alistair Livingstone (Scottish Theatre Ballet, Australian Ballet and Asami Maki Company, Tokyo); Peter Docherty (American Ballet Theatre);
Decor: Petar Pasic;
Costumes: Tatjana Brilej (Ballet of the National Theatre, Belgrade); Svoboda (Ballet of the National Theatre, Prague); Peter Farmer (Hong Kong Ballet and Scottish Ballet 1998)
Lighting: John B. Read
National Ballet of Japan - Set Design: Naoji Kawaguchi; Costume design: Ayako MaedaLighting: John B. Read; Yuji Sawada (National Ballet of Japan)
Casting: Gordon Aitken, Peter Cazalet, Hilary Debden, Elaine McDonald, Patricia Rianne, Marian St Claire with Anne Allan, Michael Beare, Nicholas Carroll, Sally Collard-Gentle, Harold King, Anna McCartney, Amanda Olivier, Gernot Petzold, Hugh Rathbone, Paul Rayner, Bruce Steivel, Keri Stewart and dancers of Scottish Theatre Ballet

Variations for a Door and a Sigh

28th June 1972, Scottish Theatre Ballet Close Theatre Club, Glasgow

This work explored the realms of sexual behaviour and the conflicts of personal commitment.

Composer: Pierre Henry (Sound Collage)
Designer: Amanda Colin
Casting: Sally Collard-Gentle, Kit Lethby, Amanda Olivier, Ruth Prior, Paul Rayner

The nutcrackerThe Nutcracker - Act II The Kingdom of Sweets

26th September 1972, Scottish Theatre Ballet Theatre Royal, York

Composer: Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arranged by Leonard Salzedo
Choreographer: Lev Ivanov/Peter Darrell
Designer: Philip Prowse
Casting: Hilary Debden, Cristian Addams with Anne Allan, Sally Collard-Gentle, Gwendoline Edmonds, Beryl Hicks, Harold King, Kit Lethby, Elaine McDonald, Ruth Prior, Hugh Rathbone, Patricia Rianne, Jorge Salavisa, Keri Stewart, Anthony West and dancers of Scottish Theatre Ballet

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7th January 1973, Scottish Theatre Ballet King's Theatre, Glasgow

Created for Fanfare for Europe A forceful duet based on the astrological proposition that those born under the sign of Scorpio make dangerous partners for each other.

Composer: Thea Musgrave - Commissioned score (Chamber Concerto No 1 for Nine Instruments)
Casting: Patricia Rianne, Brian Burn

La périLa Péri

9th January 1973, London Festival Ballet Royal Festival Hall, London.

Created for Fanfare for Europe; 1986, Asami Maki Company, Tokyo.

Based on a Persian folk tale. La Péri tells the story of Iskander who resting during a journey sees a magic lotus, the flower of immortality, which unknown to him is guarded by a magic creature, La Péri. He steals it - La Péri reappears as a woman and, bewitched by her, Iskander returns the flower.

Composer: Paul Dukas
Designer: John Fraser
Casting: Galina Samsova, André Prokovsky with Anthony Forsey, Kenneth McCombie, Kenneth Whitmore, Geoffrey Wynne

In Nightly Revels

1973, Jacob's Pillow Festival, Lee, Massachusetts, USA

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Solo for Margot Fonteyn

The Nutcracker

19th December 1973, Scottish Theatre Ballet Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh; 1987 Hong Kong Ballet

After a sumptuous Christmas party, little Clara falls asleep and dreams that she helps the Nutcracker Prince to defeat an army of giant mice. She is rewarded by a visit to the Land of Snow and the Realm of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Composer: Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Scenario: after Marius Petipa
Choreography: Lev Ivanov/Peter Darrell
Designer: Philip Prowse (Scottish Theatre Ballet); John Fraser (Hong Kong Ballet 1990 and 1995)
Lighting: John B. Read
Casting: Anna-Marie Holmes, David Holmes, Patricia Rianne with Linda Anning, Sarah Beck, Alexander Bennett, Kenneth Burke, Brian Burn, James Cowie, Philip Crowther, Gwendoline Edmonds, Sally Collard-Gentle, Gavin Dorrian, Julie Haydn, Harry Haythorne, Beryl Hicks, Michael Ho, Richard Holland, Chua Kah Joo, Simon Laing, Kit Lethby, Anna McCartney, Eleanor Moore, Barry McGrath, Ruth Prior, Keri Stewart, Lesley Stewart, Dianne Storer, Anthony West.
Children: Students from the Academy of Ballet; The Madame Ada School of Dancing; The Manor School of Ballet; The Theatre School of Dance and Drama, Edinburgh

These images of Peter's Nutcracker were taken in 1984 at the Theatre Royal Glasgow by Alan Crumlish. They were taken at the time of the original BBC television broadcast of the production directed by Keith Alexander.

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29th January 1974, Irish National Ballet Opera House, Cork

A romantic pas de deux with oriental embellishments.

Composer: Jules Massenet (from Le Roi de Lahore)
Designer: Patrick Murray
Jewellery: Alun Rhys-Jones
Casting: Helen Starr, Richard Rowe


31st January 1974, The Scottish Ballet Movable Workshop. Dunfermline College of Education, Dunfermline

An exploration of love and lust

Composer: Cat Stevens
Designer: Joyce Mellish
Casting: Peter Allan, Gary Cobb, Lynda Colston, Fionna McPhee

Grand Pas Gitane

28th May 1974, Irish National Ballet. Abbey Theatre, Dublin; 16th August 1974, Scottish Theatre Ballet, Gala Performance, Ochtertyre Theatre, Crieff

A showpiece of classical bravura in which flamboyance is taken to the brink of satire.

Composers: Camille Saint-Saëns and Romualdo Marenko
Designer: Patrick Murray (Irish National Ballet); Gordon Garforth (Scottish Theatre Ballet)
Casting: Anna Donovan, Charles Flanders (Irish National Ballet); Marian St Claire, Michael Beare (Scottish Theatre Ballet)

Alceste (Opera)

19th August 1974, Scottish Opera King's Theatre, Edinburgh Part of the Edinburgh International Festival

Composer: Christoph Willibald von Gluck
Designer: John Stoddart
Director: Anthony Besch
Lighting: Charles Bristow
Casting: Stacey Almond, Enid Bannatyne, Peter van der Bilt, Gerald Blakely, Delme Bryn-Jones, Richard Evans, David Fieldsend, Arthur Jackson, Jamie Neill, Jason Smith, Robert Tear, Julia Varady, Norman White
Dancers: Gillian Bird, Brian Burn, James Cowie, Gwendoline Edmonds, Richard Holland, Sam McManus, Georgette Marcel, Eleanor Moore, Jeanette Newell, Keri Stewart, Mark Storey


20th August 1974, The Scottish Ballet Nework 74 at STV's Gateway Studios, Edinburgh

This performance did not take place due to cast injuries.

Composer: Darius Milhaud (Elegy for Cello and Piano)
Designer: Peter Docherty
Casting: Dianne Richards, Paul Tyers


1974, New London Ballet

Commissioned work for Granada Television.

Composer: Leoš Jánaček
Designer: Peter Docherty

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Biedermeier Dances

January 1975, Irish National Ballet Opera House, Cork

Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Joseph Palmer
Designer: Patrick Murray
Casting: Jonathan Aitken, Wendy Albrow, Terry John Bates, Monica Johanneson, Kay McLoughlin, Stephanie Murphy

O Caritas

3rd February 1975, The Scottish Ballet. Ballet for Scotland Tour, Duns; 12th May 1975, The Scottish Ballet, Kings Theatre, Glasgow (Gala); 1977/78 West Australian Ballet; 1993 NAPAC, Durban

Developed from Caritas first performed by The Scottish Ballet Movable Workshop in 1974, this moving ballet expresses the senselessness of violence in human affairs.

Music and lyrics: Andrea Toumazi, Jeremy Taylor, Cat Stevens
Designers: Peter Darrell and Peter Cazalet
Photography: George Wilkie
Casting: Robin Haig, Paul Tyers with Georgette Marcel, Wayne Stewarte (Ballet for Scotland); Robin Haig, Paul Tyers with Beryl Hicks, Kit Lethby (The Scottish Ballet Gala)

Songs Without Words

15th June 1975, Scottish Ballet Scholars. Couper Institute, Glasgow; 1975 Voyage (Songs without Words) The Scottish Ballet

A series of dances with an emotional undertone devised to show the potential of the more advanced students. It was later performed by The Scottish Ballet with Guest Artist Anna-Mane Holmes.

Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Pianist: Donald Runnicles
Casting: Paul Tyers with Scottish Ballet Scholars Deborah Alison, Jane Blair, Elizabeth Cameron, Deborah Faessler, Natasha Gerson, Elizabeth Harrower, Louise Hellewell, Ann-Marie Lochrie, Marie McElhinney, Rhona McNam, Linda Martin, Judith Osborne, Elizabeth Peden

The scarlet pastoraleThe Scarlet Pastorale

21st October 1975, The Scottish Ballet King's Theatre, Edinburgh

Based on an idea from Aubrey Beardsley's Yellow Book, Darrell wrote a remarkable study in decadence. Originally created for Margot Fonteyn in an unusual double role showing her image of purity as a facade for a wicked nature beneath.

Composer: Frank Martin (Concerto for Seven Wind Instruments)
Designer: Philip Prowse
Guest artists: Margot Fonteyn, Augustus van Heerden
Casting: Anne Allan, Linda Anning, Roy Campbell-Moore, James Cowie, Gavin Dorrian, Vincent Hantam, Richard Holland, Henry Man, Christopher Mercer, Eleanor Moore, Ruth Prior, Patricia Rianne, Yuji Sato, Dianne Storer, Paul Tyers

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Mary Queen of Scots

3rd March 1976, The Scottish Ballet, Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Composer: John McCabe (commissioned score)
Scenario: Noël Goodwin
Designer: Peter Docherty
Lighting: John B. Read
Casting: Elaine McDonald or Patricia Rianne, Robin Haig or Patricia Merrin with Andrea Durant, Richard Holland, Kit Lethby, Paul Tyers; Gordon Aitken, Anne Allan, James Cowie, Gavin Dorrian, Louise Hellewell, Chua Kah Joo, Simon Laing, Ruth Prior, Yuji Sato, Kenneth Saunders, Nigel Spencer, Dianne Storer and dancers of The Scottish Ballet

Carte Blanche

30th September 1976, Phoenix Theatre, London

A nude review with contributions by Robert Cohan, Peter Darrell, Rudy de Luca and Barry Levinson, Alistair Elliot, Robin Hughes, Eugene lonesco. Pat McCormick, Robert North, Molly Parkin, The Earl of Rochester, Frantz Salieri, Kenneth Tynan, Paul Verlaine, Keith Waterhouse, Michael Weller and Clifford Williams.

Music and lyrics: Alan Blaikley, Bob Downes, Ken Howard, Dee Shipman, Roger Webb, Marc Wilkinson
Designers: Farrah and Judith Bland
Director: Clifford Williams
Lighting: Andrew Bridge
Sound: David Collinson
Casting: Sue Aldred, Robin Courbet, Fiona Douglas Stewart, Caroline Grenville, Philip Hatton, Rodney Madden, Michael Manning, Natasha Morgan, Sue Rittman, Peter Van De Wouw, Edwin Van Wyk, Jean Warren, Michael Watkins, Josephine Welcome

John curryJohn Curry Theatre of Skating

December 1976, Cambridge Theatre, London

Decor: Nadine Baylis
Musical director: Grant Hossack

"Scenes of Childhood"
Composer: Robert Schumann (Kinderscenen Op. 15)
Piano: Grant Hossack
Costumes: Joe Eula
Lighting: Keith Edmundson
Casting: John Curry, Lorna Brown, Cathy Foulkes, Jacquie Harbord, Paul McGrath, Paul Toomey, Bill Woehrle

"Suite for Sitar"
Composer: Grant Hossack
Choreography: Peter Darrell and John Curry
Costumes: Anthony Dowell
Sitar: Alan Sparks
Casting: Lorna Brown, Cathy Foulkes, Jacquie Harbord, Paul McGrath, Paul Toomey, Bill Woehrle

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Swan Lake

23rd March 1977. The Scottish Ballet, King's Theatre, Edinburgh; 1981 The Ballet of the Sarajevo Opera House, Yugoslavia

In this production Siegfried is seen as an opium-smoking Prince who searches after an impossible love and is tragically deceived.

Composer: Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Choreography: Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Peter Darrell
Original choreography reproduced by: Sheila Humphreys
Production: Peter Darrell
Designer: Peter Cazalet
Lighting: John B Read
Casting: Elaine McDonald, Paul Tyers, Graham Bart with Gordon Aitken, Linda Anning, Jane Ball, Kenneth Burke, Vincent Hantam, Sheila Humphreys, Kit Lethby, Christopher Long, Anna McCartney, Patricia Merrin, Eleanor Moore, Jeanette Newell, Noriko Ohara, Ruth Prior, Patricia Rianne, Wendy Roe, Robert Ryan, Yuji Sato, Dianne Storer, Anastasio Vitoros and dancers of The Scottish Ballet


1st July 1977, Scottish Ballet Scholars Couper Institute, Glasgow

Composer: Jacques Offenbach
Designer: Norman McDowell
Casting: Paul Tyers with Scottish Ballet Scholars Elaine Bryce, Jacqueline Hammersley, Gillian Hendry, Maureen Laughlin, Paulene Laverty, Jacqueline Lewis, Shelagh Lonergan, Leslie Miller, Jacqueline Moor, Georgette Robb, Alison Service, Linsey Stewart, Jacqueline Taylor, Jacqueline Thomson

Mary Queen of Scots (Opera)

6th September 1977, Scottish Opera King's Theatre, Edinburgh

Part of The Edinburgh International Festival.

Opera in three Acts, based on the play by Amalia Elguera.

Composer: Thea Musgrave
Decor: Robin Don and Colin Graham
Costumes: Alex Reid
Director: Colin Graham
Lighting: Charles Bristow and Victor Lockwood
Casting: Barbara Bames, Una Buchanan, lan Comboy, Stafford Dean, Gregory Dempsey, Jake Gardner, David Hillman, William McCue, Linda Ormiston, John Robertson, Eryl Royle, Catherine Wilson


1977, The Scottish Ballet, Cumbernauld

Composer: Francis Poulenc (Piano Concerto: 2nd Movement)
Casting: Patricia Merrin, Paul Tyers


1977, West Australian Ballet

Dedicated to Robin Haig and the West Australian Ballet Company.

Music: Tommaso Albinoni
Casting: Robin Haig, Keith Ditto

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The Bartered Bride (Opera)

8th February 1978, Scottish Opera, Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Composer: Bedrich Smetana
Liberttist: Karel Sabina
Translation: Leonard Hancock / David Pountney
Decor: Sue Blane
Costumes: Maria Bjornson
Director: David Pountney
Casting: Peter Bodenham, Una Buchanan, Alien Cathcart, Claire Livingstone, William McCue, Donald Maxwell, Alexander Oliver, Linda Ormiston, Vicor Ponce, Sylvia Ponce, Gaetano Rea, Maria Slorach, Norman White
Dancers: Keith Barlow, Roger Bennet, Elaine Bryce, Dinah Carriejones, Philip Crowther, Patricia Goodburn, Virginia Hartley, Jim Hastie, Harry Murray, Judith Osborne, Victoria Wynn

Five ruckert songsFive Rückert Songs

26th September 1978, The Scottish Ballet. Ballet for Scotland Tour by the 'East' Group: Town Hall Falkirk; 'West' Group: 27th September 1978. Denny Civic Theatre, Dumbarton; 1st March 1980, The Scottish Ballet. Theatre Royal, Glasgow; 2nd September 2004, Rambert Dance Company.

A woman, disenchanted with the glamorous but passing pleasures of her life, finds within herself an inner peace.

Composer: Gustav Mahler arranged by Bramwell Tovey (to poems by Friedrich Rückert),
Designer: Peter Darrell
Casting: 'East' Group - Sally Collard-Gentle, Peter Mallek with Kenneth Burke, William Bowen, Fiona Dear, Vincent Hantam, Michael Harper, Christopher Long, Linda Packer, Wendy Roe, Nigel Spencer
'West' Group - Eleanor Moore, Paul Tyers with Kit Lethby, Timothy Flynn, Anna McCartney, Judy Mohekey, Elizabeth Peden, Peter Royston, Robert Ryan, Kenneth Saunders, Patrick Wood

The Scottish Ballet, 1st March 1980:

Guest artist: Janet Baker,
Dancers: Elaine McDonald, Paul Tyers with Kit Lethby, Timothy Flynn, Anna McCartney, Judy Mohekey, Elizabeth Peden, Peter Royston, Robert Ryan, Kenneth Saunders, Patrick Wood


12th October 1978, Scottish Ballet Workshop for schools programme Wowza!; 21st May 1987, The Scottish Ballet. Part of the Perth Festival of Arts

During an outing a young girl disappears, but the picnic continues.

Composer: Francis Poulenc
Designer: Bruno Santini
Casting: Roger Bennet, Christopher Blagdon, Hilary Cark, Susan Cooper, Erica Knighton (Scottish Ballet Workshop);
Paul Bayes-Kitcher, Wendy Dawson, Fiona Dear, Karl Burnett, Catherine Evers (The Scottish Ballet)

Economy in straitjacket but still room for movementEconomy in Straitjacket but Still Room for Movement

1978 Scottish Ballet Workshop; 21st May 1987 The Scottish Ballet - reworked version as part of the Perth Festival of Arts; 8th September 2005, The Curve Foundation, Musselburgh.

This challenging ballet takes its title from a financial headline in The Times. A provocative and satirical piece.

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach (Preludes and Fugues from The Welltempered Clavier)
Designers: Peter Darrell and Terry Jacobs (Scottish Ballet Workshop); Peter Darrell and Caro Harkness (The Scottish Ballet)
Casting: Sue Weston with Christopher Blagdon, Susan Cooper, Serge Julian, Greta Mendez, (Scottish Ballet Workshop);
Elaine McDonald with Tristan Borrer, Christopher Gillard, Judy Mohekey, Eleanor Moore (The Scottish Ballet)

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Such Sweet Thunder

7th March 1979, The Scottish Ballet, Theatre Royal, Glasgow

The ballet is built up in layers on the basis of a famous 1957 jazz suite. The musical subject is a selection of Shakespearean characters, which Peter Darrell choreographed with sharp-eyed satire and sparkling wit incorporating some of Ellington 's own comments as a spoken sound-track.

Composers: Duke Ellington / Billy Strayhorn, arranged by Paul Hart
Choreography: Busby Berkeley (assisted by Peter Darrell)
Gowns by: Adrian (assisted by Bob Ringwood)
Lighting: Stanley McCandless (recreated by David Hersey)
Casting: Gordon Aitken, Linda Anning, Kenneth Burke, Roy Campbell-Moore, Sally Collard-Gentle, Linden Currey, Fiona Dear, Andrea Durant, Gwendoline Edmonds, Vincent Hantam, Michael Harper, Michael Hurran, Paulene Laverty, Kit Lethby, Christopher Long, Seonaid MacLeod, Elaine McDonald, Peter Maliek, Patricia Merrin, Eleanor Moore, Noriko Ohara, Wendy Roe, Peter Royston, Paul Russell, Kenneth Saunders, Nigel Spencer, Paul Tyers, Jonathan Williams

Tristan and Iseult

18th May 1979, New London Ballet Theatre Royal, York

The tragic love story of Tristan and Iseult who having unknowingly taken a love potion are both led to deception and death.

Composer: Franz Liszt
Designer: Peter Farmer
Casting: Galina Samsova, Alpo Pakarinen with Simon Laing, Peter Locke, Andy Norman, Penelope Wright

Orfeo ed Eurydice (Opera)

17th October 1979, Scottish Opera Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Composer: Christoph Willibald von Gluck
Designer: Ingrid Rosell
Director: Peter Ebert
Casting: Janet Baker, Margaret Marshall, Marie McLoughlin
Dancers: Christopher Blagdon, Elaine Bryce, Robert Hampton, Louise Hellewell, Paulene Laverty, Elspeth Shaw, Garry Trinder, Jonathan Williams


7th December 1979, The Scottish Ballet, His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

The story goes back to pre-pantomime days where (Cinderella is not the familiar kitchen maid, but rather a gentle and reflective creature, looked down on by her more glamorous and sophisticated step-sisters - whose ugliness lies within their self-centred characters. The period is late 19th century.

Composer: Gioacchino Rossini, arranged by Bramwell Tovey (Excerpts from La Cenerentola and other operas, little known ballets and piano music)
Designer: John Eraser
Lighting: John B. Read
Casting: Elaine McDonald, Donald MacLeary, Patrica Merrin, Paul Russell with Gordon Aitken, William Bowen, Sue Carlton-Jones, Sally Collard-Gentle, Kit Lethby, Anna McCartney, Eleanor Moore, Jeanette Newell, Noriko Ohara, Linda Packer, Elizabeth Peden, Wendy Roe, Peter Royston, Kenneth Saunders, Nigel Spencer, Garry Trinder and dancers of The Scottish Ballet

An article from the Glasgow Herald December 1979 the Making of a World Premiere

Glasgow Herald Article

Jack in the Box

1979, Old Vic Theatre, London

Composer: Eric Satie

Solo for Kenneth Burke as part of Maina Gielgud's "Steps Notes and Squeaks".

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