Memories: Video interviews

The Trust would like to thank all those who took part in these interviews.

Their insights and personal recollections not only give vivid testament of Darrell's creative dynamism and original artistic achievement but also help redefine his extraordinary influence on the development of ballet as we know it today. 

For more detailed information on his ballets see Works of Peter Darrell.

The beginnings

David Ellis, co-founder of the Mercury Theatre’s ‘Ballet Workshop’, talks about Darrell’s early works and his new ideas about dance.

Darrell by the critics

Financial Times critic Clement Crisp and John Percival, who wrote for both The Times and The Independent, reflect on Darrell’s unique achievement and his place in 20th century dance.

Darrell by his dancers

Principal dancer Paul Tyers and Prima Ballerina Elaine McDonald discuss the essential qualities of Darrell’s work and how he approached its creation.

Darrell by his colleagues

Scottish Ballet Administrator Robin Anderson and Gordon Aitken, Ballet Master and Assistant Artistic Director, discuss company life with Darrell, and the challenges he faced.

Darrell: Working together

Gordon Aitken, Ballet Master, Assistant Artistic Director and long-time friend reflects on working with Darrell both as choreographer and inspirational leader.

Darrell by his dancers

Hazel Merry, a leading dancer with Western Theatre Ballet, and Sally Collard-Gentle, principal dancer with Scottish Ballet, discuss the appeal of working with Darrell’s ground-breaking choreography.

Interviews by Geoffrey Baskerville in 2009. Filmed and edited by Alan Crumlish.