Choreographic award

One of the most exciting and focused projects by the Trust to date was the development of a dream to institute a Peter Darrell Choreographic Award.

This became a reality in 1997 when it was announced that the Trust had been awarded a grant of £98,498.00 from the Scottish Arts Council's New Direction Lottery Fund towards the cost of creating and establishing the choreographic award and to fund the publication of a book on Peter's work.

The Award was a platform for emerging choreographers as Peter was particularly keen to foster and encourage choreographic talent. It was in this light that the Trust decided to commemorate his life and work with the Award.

Awards were presented in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2007. For more information about the pieces or the winning choreographers follow one of the links below.

However 2007 was the last Award granted to emerging choreographers, unfortunately the Trust has been unable to continue with this project.


Commissioned: Vanessa Haska, Sorry For the Missiles
Commissioned: Diana Loosmore, Chasing Ghosts


Commissioned: Beth Cassani, My House is Melting
Commissioned: Victor Quijada, Self Observation Without Judgement


Commissioned: Liz Roche, To time Taking Blush
Commissioned: Jan De Schynkel, She is as he Eats


Winner: Stephen Hughes, Here Comes Renard
Shortlisted: Jane Jewell, Aspire
Shortlisted: Michael Keegan-Dolan, Death and the Fool