2007: Vanessa Haska

Sorry For the Missiles

Vanessa haskaThe Scottish Dance Theatre (sdt) commission has been awarded to Vanessa Haska.

Vanessa Haska was born in Lamia, Greece in 1979.

She studied at the Athens State School of Dance getting the diploma of Dance Teacher. Through out her studies Vanessa attended several dance seminars in Cyprus, Greece, Germany and Austria.

In 2000 she worked as a dancer for the Greek dance company Amalgama and in 2001 with a UK Government Dance and Drama award she got the Certificate of Higher Education in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, University of Kent, UK.

Having a scholarship from the Onassis Foundation, she then proceeded to postgraduate studies specializing in choreography and in 2004 she was awarded a Master of Arts with Distinction from the University of Kent.

During her postgraduate studies she collaborated with the dance film makers Lucy Baldwyn and Sonia Rodriguez. Her work “Somewhere in my stomach” became part of the repertory of the Postgraduate performance group “EDge” (London Contemporary Dance School) alongside works by established and highly respected choreographers such as Trisha Brown.

She has also choreographed for the Devon Youth Dance Company, the “Shift” Youth Dance Company of London Contemporary Dance School, the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the London Studio Centre and the Scottish Contemporary Dance School, the Space.

Her works have been shown in England - in theatres such as the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, the Bonnie Bird Theatre, the Riley Theatre and also in Scotland, Portugal and Denmark.

In March 2005 Vanessa won the Movingeast Choreographic Residency 2005 and in September 2005, together with the Cypriot Dance Company “Solipsism” she represented Cyprus in the Biennale Festival in Napoli with the work “Flush”.

Vanessa runs her own dance company in London and is a teacher of creative and contemporary dance at the Royal Academy of Dance.