2000: Liz Roche

To time taking blushTo time Taking Blush

First performance: Dundee, Saturday 29 January 2000

  • Music: Denis Roche
  • Lighting: Tim Skelly
  • Design: Phyllis Byrne
  • Dancers: Ella Clarke, Jonathan Goddard, Suzannah West, Errol White

About Liz

Dancer and choreographer Liz Roche trained at London Contemporary Dance School, the College of Dublin and the Irish National College of Dance.

From 1994-99 she worked as a professional dancer with Dance Theatre of Ireland. Leas Carnets Bagouet. France. Cois Ceim Dance Theatre. I.M.D.T. Dublin. 2nd Nature Dance Company. Vienna and Cie La Camionetta. Montpellier. France. In 1996 she was awarded "Choreographer of the Year" and "Dance Show of the Year" by the Irish Times for her work "Dragon and Tonics".