1998: Jane Jewell


First performance: The Mitchell Theatre - Glasgow, 3 October 1998

  • Music: Frederick Handel: Overtures
  • Sound and lighting: Raymond Stewart
  • Dancers: Keith Prested, Micaela Geganti, Paul Farrell, Preston Clare, Clare Mahon, Dawn Haley Clark

About Jane

Jane was born in 1960 and trained at the Harlow School of Ballet and National School of Ballet, New Zealand.

He's speaking now,
or murmering,
Where's my serpent of old Nile?
(For so he calls me).
Now I feed my self with most
delicious poison

Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare - Act I Scene VI

She has performed with British Ballet Theatre, Ballet Imperial, London Ballet Theatre, London City Ballet, Lewis London Ballet, Scottish Ballet and Dance Theatre Koros.

Her choreographies include musicals and cabaret in New Zealand and "New Works" for New Zealand Ballet Company. Flip on Mozart for Janet Lewis. Just Stepping Along, Consolations, and co-choreographer of Skaza for Scottish Ballet, Backward Glances, Momentum and So... for Scottish Ballet "New Works", Enya for NAPAC, Jardin Rodin for Dance Advance and Hong Kong Ballet.

In 1986 Jane was selected from 236 candidates from 33 countries as a semi-finalist for the much regarded Prix de Lausanne Choreographic Competition.

From 1992-1994 Jane was Choreographer/Director of "The Dance Company" in Glasgow. Her choreographies included Songs of Time, Sides, Mozart Follies, Scriabin. She graduated from the Benesh Dance Notation Course in 1994 and is now the Benesh Movement Notator for Scottish Ballet and teaches at the Dance School of Scotland.

Jane was one of the three shortlisted choreographers who created the work "Aspire" for the first Peter Darrell Choreographic Award in 1998.

Jane died aged 44 on October 4th, 2004.