1998: Stephen Hughes

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Here comes renardHere Comes Renard

First performance: The Mitchell Theatre - Glasgow, 3 October 1998

  • Music: Igor Stravinsk, 'Renard'
  • Lighting: George Thomson
  • Dancers: Dawn Hayley, Keith Prested, Catrina Lappin,Jocelyn Giles, Micaela Greganti, Paul Farrell

About Stephen

Stephen trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance after completing the Dance Foundation Course at Lewisham College. Following his training, he joined Yolande Snaith Theatredance and appeared in the adaptation of Swinger for BBC Television.

He joined Ricochet Dance Company in July 1996. He has performed with National Youth Dance Company. South East London Youth Dance, Bi Ma and danced in Opera at La Scala and at the Royal Opera House.

He has taught at Lewisham College and Rambert School and choreographed works for National Youth Dance, Rambert School Performance Group, various promotional videos, European Chamber Opera and Red Rain Dance Theatre.

He is currently director/choreographer for Red Rain Dance Theatre and an Associate Artist at The Place.

Stephen was the Jerwood Award 1998 winner and he created Hedoscetic based on Luke Reinhart's book "The Dice Man". He has also recently choreographed When I am Laid in Earth; And Where Raging Fires Meet, for Red Rain Dance Theatre. And Now Ladies and Gentleman... for National Youth Dance Company and The Art of Fighting Without Fighting.

Stephen was the winner of the first Peter Darrell Choreographic Award in 1998 with 'Here Comes Renard' to Stravinsky music. A dynamic and sassy battle of the sexes played out as a confrontation between foxes and chickens, performed by dancers of Scottish Ballet.