The beginning

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Peter darrellOn the 14th January 1951 Ballet Workshop, an independent organisation established at the Mercury Theatre, gave its first presentation of new and experimental productions in which young dancers, choreographers, composers and designers had the opportunity to show their work on Sunday evenings.

Peter Darrell's break came when his first ballet "Midsummer Watch" was given on the 6th programme, premiered 10th June 1951 (it also introduced a new designer: Kenneth Aadams - a pseudonym for Kenneth MacMillan).

Clive Barnes in Dance & Dancers called it 'a work of charm and invention ... simple, unpretentious and pleasing choreography' and thought that Darrell should be given every encouragement to make more ballets.

Throughout his life Peter endeavoured to give young dancers, choreographers, composers and designers the opportunity to show their work.

Ballet schoolThe Peter Darrell Choreographic Award sets out to give that chance to up and coming professionals and we hope would be approved of by Peter himself.

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